Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Davistown Museum

The Davistown Museum is a regional tool, art, and history museum with two physical locations in Maine and an extensive website. The Museum and the website provide detailed information on the history of ferrous metallurgy, edge tool manufacturing, the Wooden Age of maritime New England, and the Classic period of American toolmaking that accompanied the advent of the Industrial Revolution. The main Museum complex, including exhibitions, galleries, libraries, and the visitors’ center, is located in Liberty Village, while the office and sculpture gardens are in Hulls Cove (Bar Harbor). Museum exhibitions include The Art of the Edge Tool, the Annual Art Exhibition, an extensive collection of assemblage art, and work by members of the Maine Artists Guild.
The art exhibitions of the Davistown Museum in historic and scenic Liberty, Maine include the creations of over 100 Maine and New England artists on display within the Museum gallery complex. The Museum exhibition is a mix of antiquarian and contemporary artwork in the permanent collection of the Davistown Museum, Maine Artists Guild member creations, and antiquarian fine art consignments for our fund-raising campaign. The Museum is located in the scenic Norumbega hill country; if you are travelling the coast of Maine - follow any of these rivers to their headwaters and you will enter the Davistown Plantation - later the towns of Montville (1807) and Liberty (1827).
The Maine Artists Guild Exhibition consists of work consigned to the galleries by artists in the permanent collection who also participate in the annual exhibition. At the invitation of the curator, H.G. Brack, I recently loaned two pieces of my work to the collection for one year, alongside the work of Louise Nevelson, William Glackens, Milton Avery, Edgar Degas, Jessica Strauss, Kim Bernard and Squidge Liljeblad Davis. Both Mr. Brack and the Davistown Museum are worth a visit.

Images: Black Sheep, 36" tall, 2005, Laminated wood and paint; The Walrus Mother, 24" tall, 2008, Mesquite burl, pigment, paint.


Andy Moerlein said...

Wowser Donna! You CAN get there from here it seems!

They picked the best of the best!

Donna Dodson said...

Thanks Andy! What a place it is- I am honored to be in the exhibit.