Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The Elemental Experience at Millstone Hill 59 Little John Road, Websterville, VT Saturday, June 23, 2012 • 2pm to 11pm

The Flaming Vulture of Rockfire, Vermont

Friday June 22nd- The artists Andy Moerlein & Donna Dodson will be on site building a 20 ft wide by 10 ft long soaring vulture with saplings and straw in anticipation of the performance and ritual burning on Saturday June 23rd.

Saturday, June 23rd- 10pm The artists, Moerlein & Dodson will light the soaring vulture as it soars aflame into infinity, burning itself into collective memory with a fiery flaming line that recedes into a smoldering ember.

The vulture is a hunter in the valley, cliffs , mountains & forests. With its ever watchful eye. Its presence provokes death, when carrion rests nearby. The profile of the vulture is its signature. The fire sculpture will celebrate this winged creature, in a temporary piece made up of natural materials- here, inspiring awe and then gone.

Update: Julie Orfirer captured the event on video.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Shared Planet

The Animal Kingdom Portrayed Curated by Ronnie Gould June 19 — July 9, 2012 Parsons Gallery Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, Inc. 130 Waltham Street Lexington MA 02421

“Our Shared Planet” expresses our joy and celebration that we feel towards animals as well as serving as a commentary on the condition and frailty of our world. The undeniable connection between us and the rest of the animal kingdom has inspired artists through the ages since cave paintings.Nineteen celebrated New England artists working in mediums varying from traditional paintings to cutting edge materials are now exhibiting works ranging from birds and dogs to African wildlife and sea creatures.

The artists: Alice Abrams, Jane Dahmen, Donna Dodson, Erick Durant, Shane Fero, Kathryn Field, Gay Freeborn, Ronnie Gould, Suzanne Grey, Bob Hesse, Alison Lauriat, Madeleine Lord, Michelle Louge, Andy Moerlein, Dawn Mostow, Steve Murphy, Ilene Richard, Tom Whelan, Nancy Whitin.

Upon viewing the pieces the visitor experiences different emotions based on the philosophy and presentation of the artist involved. Some pieces evoke empathy, others humor, others yet a sudden awareness of our impact on the world.

Reception: June 24, 2012, 5-7 p.m. Guest Speaker: Chris Leahy from the Mass Audubon Society. A professional conservationist for more than thirty years and served as Director of Mass Audubon’s Center for Biological Conservation.

Lilac Rhino, 26" tall, wood, pigment, paint 2003 by Donna Dodson Photo Credit: Cliff Pfeiffer

Lilac Rhino was inspired by the colors on the Morton Salt Girl. She strides nonchalantly through life, singing in the rain, open hearted and stepping out to greet, life, come what may.