Found Object Assemblage II

American cross, 43"x43", shells, 2003

Black cross 32"x48" shells 2000

Celtic cross 34"x27" shells 2001

Crucifix 46"x24" shells 1999

Daisy cross 31"x20 shells 2002

Divide and conquer cross 43"x43" shells 2003

Domino cross 37"x25" found objects 2002

Hangman 12"x10" painted wood 2003

Absolut Gentleman 48"x24" shells 2002

All American 28"x62" shells 2001

American family 20"x26" shells 2001

Holy Trinity, Batman 14"x14" shells 2007

Black Sheep, 19"x19", shells, 1998

Blushing bride 76"x18" shells 2001

Boston marriage 25"x19" shells 2001

Bozo the Clown 26"x21" shells 2003

Brady bunch 57"x38" shells 2001

Bridge club 17"x25" shells 2001

Scotchman 48"X24" shells 2002

Coat of arms 19"x19" shells 1999

Electric flag 31"x61" shells 2001

Emblem 48"x36" shells 2001

Family portrait 12"x9" shells 1999

Flag of Puerto Rico 20"x44" shells 2002

Golden arches 52"x52" shells 2001

Good ole boy 25"x35" shells 2001

Izod lacoste 67"x29" shells 2001

King and Queen 33"x18" shells 2001

Kwanzaa tree 24"x24" shells 2003

Jackpot 13"x57" shells 2003

Lotus flower 26"x20" shells 2003

Luck of the Irish, 26"x20", shells, 2002

Lunch counter 22"x32" shells 2001

Madonna and Child 27"x15" shells 2001

Madonna and child, I 13"x8" shells 2002

Madonna and child, II 6"x6" shells 2002

Mandala 24"x22" shells 2001

Meeting of the Members of the Board of Directors 26x26" shells 1999

Migration 8"x15" shells 2003

Mirror 6"x11" painted glass 2003

Old Maid 15"x8" shells 2001

Pineapple 50"x39" shells 2002

Queen Mum 25"x14" shells 2002

Reliquary 7"x5" shells 1999

Ronald McDonald 32"x22" shells 2002

Rugged Individualist 27"x25" shells 2002

Stop light 65"x24" shells 2002

Yule tide 17"x17" shells 2001

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