Animal Menagerie

The Mighty Hippo, 50" tall, wood & paint, 2014
The Silent Scream of the The Mighty Hippo is a mystery. Why did she step upon a pedestal to let out a blood curtling cry? Was it her 15 minutes of fame? Was she seeking justice for past wrongs done to her? Was it a shout of the spirit? To hear it, is to understand her.

The Happy Hippo, 20" tall, wood, paint 2014 SOLD
Massive and steady, yet vain and self- conscious, The Happy Hippo was late to the party because she had to get a pedicure. Her girth and width belie the hard worker that she is. She never misses a chance to make someone else smile.

Puma Senorita, 36" tall, loro wood, 2014
Standing tall and proud, Puma Senorita is a very classy lady. She is of royal heritage three times over. Her blood lines run directly from the jaguar, the tiger and the puma into one extraordinary woman. The serpent that decorates the hem of her dress, represents the full circle of her life's journey: daughter, mother, grandma.

Hippo Goddess, 21" tall, locust wood, 2013 SOLD
With her mouth wide open, she releases the agonizing cry of her inner demons. Her primal scream does not fall on deaf ears. This is a battle hymn to her sisters, who struggle daily, against the silence.

Panda Bear, 16" tall, wood, paint 2010 by Donna Dodson SOLD
Panda bear is a bit rotund yet stylish in haute couture. She resembles the cute, adorable animals from China as much as the Venus of Willendorf. Stuck in between the wild mountain forests and domestic captivity, she wears her fur as an adornment of her native culture amidst the current lack thereof.

Rhino Man, 16" tall, wood, enamel 2010 by Donna Dodson
Homage to H. C. Westerman, and his impenetrable nature. His work is enigmatic. His art is outside the canon and in it. In this piece, the juxtaposition of metallic paint and natural wood grain seemed like an anomaly: like H.C. Westerman himself.

Pregnant Kangaroo, 29" tall, wood, paint 2006 by Donna Dodson
Pregnant Kangaroo is due any day now. From the looks of her jumper, she is about ready to pop with Baby joey. He is a boy, no doubt. She will bear the first grandchild of her generation with this birth.

Pig (White Sow) 22" tall, wood, paint 2005 SOLD

Elk Goddess, 32" tall, wood, paint 2004 by Donna Dodson Photo Credit: Peter Haines
The elk goddess was created for the now extinct Irish elk who once roamed all of Europe. Her antlers were too big to run through the forest and eventually she became unable to outrun her predators.