Elephant Parade

Cloud Girl, 18" tall, wood, paint 2010 by Donna Dodson SOLD

The Cloud Girl is flighty, as if her wavy ears and poofy dress, might get caught in a billowy cloud and carry her away. Mindful of her daily mindlessness, she lives on another plane of thought. In between dream time and her waking hours, she imagines great escapes that forever alter her realities.
Plain Jane, 21" tall, wood, paint 2009 by Donna Dodson SOLD

Plain Jane is very beautiful inside and out, yet not remarkable, like her sister, the Samurai Warrior. She often settles for conveniences that are good enough without pushing herself to test the limits of what she can achieve. She will never have it all, and yet her inner glow and joyful smile that speak volumes for themselves.
Elephant Queen, 19" tall, wood, paint 2009 by Donna Dodson SOLD

Like Victoria, whose name defined an era, Elephant Queen moves regally and lavishly through life, enjoying its pomp and circumstance. Ritual and ceremony rule her thought patterns. Drama and tradition govern her daily circumstances. Keeping up appearances, she packs a solid presence.
Samurai Warrior, 23" tall, wood, paint 2009 by Donna Dodson SOLD

Hard on the outside, yet soft on the inside, she is the Samurai Warrior. Willing to sacrifice herself to win the ultimate battle, she will not stop until the battle's won. Trained in the ancient techniques of warfare- Lao Tse, himself, gives her marching orders. One foot in front of the other until the enemy surrenders.
Elephant Clown, 26" tall, wood, pigment, paint 2009 by Donna Dodson

Curled and coiffed, colored and pigmented, the Elephant Clown does not intend to be funny looking. Like a clown whose exterior masks a sad face, she tries hard to be up when she’s feeling down, so that others cannot tell she’s full of inner miseries.
Silver Fox, 25" tall, wood, pigment, enamel 2009 by Donna Dodson SOLD

Silver Fox wears soft and comfortable, loose fitting, flowing clothing, like a doyenne or madam of the house. She has been around the block a few times, but no longer has sharp edges. She likes men, and she’s had a few of them as lovers and companions. Now in her golden years, she maintains her independence and the luxury of her own space.
Prom Queen, 31" tall, wood, paint 2009 by Donna Dodson SOLD

Prom Queen is a preppie, wearing pink and green. She chose the perfect outfit for the junior prom and won! Everyone voted for her popularity. Cute and spunky, pert and crafty, she’s clever about the way she can get the boys to do what she wants, without cracking her whip.
Elephant Matador, 21" tall, wood, paint 2008 by Donna Dodson

Could a female be a matador? And taunt a bull (elephant) to death? Elephant Matador dares to enrage her opponent. She wears red gloves that blind him, then teases and provokes his rage. Yet she swiftly dodges and maneuvers beyond his control. Evading the target of his wrath, she stays out of his way.
Elephant Princess, 20" tall, wood, pigment, paint 2008 by Donna Dodson

Elephant Princess is like Smurfette, a female anomaly in a male only crowd. Unsure of her femininity, yet acutely aware of her differences, she tries hard to blend in. But she pops out at the most inconvenient times, like an intruder on a secret society. Her female mysteries strike terror in the hearts of men.
Iron Lady, 38" tall, wood, enamel, 2007 by Donna Dodson SOLD

Iron Lady, sports navy suits, like Margaret Thatcher and her hair is coiffed tightly, like a helmet. It protects her from hearing anything she does not want to or cannot bear. Only her silver gloves and golden tusks allude to ornament, beyond modest necessity. A folly, she would otherwise never allow.
Asian Elephant, 32" tall, wood, paint 2007 by Donna Dodson

The female Asian Elephant has no tusks. She is neither sharp nor coarse in her mannerisms. Although some might say the golden blonde color in her hair is over the top, or fake, she would say it is the perfect shade of summer wheat that makes her glow like an inner goddess.
White Elephant, 23" tall, wood, paint 2007 by Donna Dodson

The White Elephant is a very good girl. The day she got married was the day she always dreamed of. Yet, to her mate, the white elephant is both a blessing and a curse. As blessed as a good luck charm yet cursed like a promise unfulfilled. Due to her stout figure and her fragile nature, she cannot be put to much practical use.
Madam Elephant, 38" tall, wood, paint 2003 by Donna Dodson Photo Credit: Bruno Giust SOLD

Madam Elephant is the leader of the pack and a matriarch of the family. Head strong and iron-willed, like the tree she came from, yet green- still cutting her teeth. If women could be the president of the United States, their proper title of address would be Madam President. Regally adorned like a Head of State with jewel-like tusks and polished toenails. She decides who to be, a trophy or a hunter.
Elephant Bride, 19" tall, wood, paint 2005 by Donna Dodson SOLD

Elephant bride is sort of a bad girl. Instead of virginal and white, she is gothic in red and black. She has fallen from the garden of Eden, like a modern day Eve, yet everyone adores her fiery spirit and sense of humor. Unlike the pristine, white brides of history, she blazes forth with the strength of today’s woman.
Earth Mother, 20" tall, wood, paint 2009 by Donna Dodson SOLD

Earth Mother is at one with herself and comfortable in her own skin. A gale force of wind could not topple her. She is short and stout, bossy but not unkind. Her golden skin, and bright green tusks beam like jewels. She is sure to attract a handsome mate, if she doesn’t scare them off with her massive physical strength.
Golden Elephant, 36" tall, wood, paint 2008 by Donna Dodson SOLD

Golden Elephant is the golden child, evoking , with equal measure, the highest form of praise from her parents and the deepest form of loathing from her siblings. She is good at everything from sports to academics to her church activities. Strong in spirit and upright in her character, her only flaw is her adherence to perfectionism, that is at times inhuman.
Trumpeting Elephant, 39" tall, wood, paint, pigment 2009 by Donna Dodson SOLD

Trumpeting elephant raises her trunk to reach the branch with the greenest and most tender leaves to satisfy her sophisticated tastes. She also sports a bustle and long ivory driving gloves as if she were nobility, descended from a former era. The wood grain falls in lacy layers of drapery to reach the ground.