Sunday, July 1, 2012


Sentinel casts a watchful eye upon the unique landscape of Gilsland Farm in Falmouth Maine. The Audubon Society has collaborated with MythMakers Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein to land a raven at this treasured place. Stop by to witness this iconic presence of voice and sky.
Raucous and sooty, friendly and frightening, the raven is a vivid mark upon the skyline. Their impossibly black feathers flicker with an iridescence that holds the clues to every color in the rainbow. Their vocal variety suggests that raven may have more to say than most birds.
The Sentinel is being presented by June LaCombe as part of 'On the Wing', a group exhibition at Maine Audubon, Gilsland Farm in Falmouth Maine where Andy Moerlein & I will have work in the galleries. Please join us for the opening reception on Tuesday July 3rd, 5p-7p.'On the Wing' is On view through September 30th 2012 and the Sentinel is on view indefinitely at Gilsland Farm, Maine Audubon, Falmouth Maine.
The Sentinel, 15 ft tall, saplings & paint, 2012 by MythMakers: Donna Dodson & Andy Moerlein

Update: Robert Whitcomb wrote about this piece for the Providence Journal Blog. Bob Keyes wrote about 'On the Wing' for the Portland Press Herald. Read the article: Wild Times

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