Sunday, July 29, 2012


August 4th- September 3rd
Opening reception, Saturday August 4th, 5p-7p
Maine Art
10 Chase Hill Road
Kennebunk, Maine 04043
Show catalog available- call (207) 967-0049
View the show online at

Paintings by: Ellen Welch Granter
Sculpture by: Andy Moerlein, Donna Dodson, Elizabeth Ostrander, Andreas Van Huene and Tacha Vosburgh

Little Red Riding Hood, 32" tall, wood, paint by Donna Dodson
Little Red Riding Hood is anything but little. Her big feet threaten to stomp on any wolves, or predators that would dare to cross her path. Her big shoulders allude to her inner strength.

Red Tail Hawk, 41" tall, wood, pigment, enamel by Donna Dodson
Red Tail Hawk is common presence in our midst. Like a Haida sculpture, or a totem of a school marm, the steely gaze of her watchful eyes mind her charges with protection and good care.

Tiger Mom, 22" tall, wood, pigment by Donna Dodson
Tiger Mom longs to march her children to the beat of the Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother yet inside she cannot bring herself to do it. She suffers from a softness of heart and a fragile nature.

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