Monday, August 30, 2010

Sculpturefest 2010

Featured artists this year: Donna Dodson and Dimitri Gerakaris
Sculpture Fest 2010 will open with a reception for the artists and community
on Saturday September 4th, 4pm - 7pm, BYO Picnic
304 Prosper Road, Woodstock, VT.

Hathor is an Egyptian goddess who is depicted as a cow with a disc in between its horns or as a woman with cow ears. I imagine Hathor as a cow headed female figure who is similar in coloration to a Guernsey cow. She is not an anonymous member of the herd, she is distinctive in her long red gloves and daring in her unique array of markings. She is many things: daughter/mother, archetypal/individual, traditional/avant-garde. In short, a very complex creature.

Director Charlet Davenport has worked as an artist in Vermont since 1963. Currently her work in ceramic sculpture is influenced by many years of acting as Director of Sculpture Fest. Initially her ourdoor art installations were created on fibre glass mesh and installed in public spaces (St. Gaudens Historic National Park, The Rotunda at Dartmouth College Hopkins Center, the Vermont Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, the bank of the Hoosic River on Williams College Campus, Slater Mill, Pawtucket, RI, the TW Wood Art Center and a variety of other public and semi-public spaces.)

Peter Davenport, Co-Director of Sculpture Fest, is the one-man landscape force. Along with his duties as curator of the exhibition he aids artists in installing work, clearing sites, creating the signage, keeping everything clear for visitors as well as caring for the grounds throughout the exhibition time.

Upcoming Events: October 3rd
Noon: walk & talk with Featured Artist Dimitri Gerakaris
1PM: presentation by Featured Artist Donna Dodson
2PM: "Southwest Sculptors: Works Sited in the Land or Influenced by the Land," a talk by Moira Geoffrion, visiting from the University of Arizona at Tucson
Starting at noon: at the King Farm, Jeff Levison and young friends will build a dome on site.

Image: Hathor, 8 ft tall, styrofoam, cement & paint, 2010 by Donna Dodson

Update: Andy Moerlein made a video of Moving Donna Dodson's Hathor

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