Monday, May 6, 2013

Art in Nature

Visit the sprawling Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Mass. and enjoy the second Art-in-Nature Sculpture Competition. Ten talented sculptors have brought their work to Fruitlands. Winners will be picked in October and will include one chosen by a panel of judges and one winner of a popular vote. Be sure to pick up your sculpture map at the admissions counter and hand in your ballot at the end of your visit! May 11 - November 3, 2013

Fruitlands Museum,
Opening Reception May 11th, 1pm   

Sculptors will be on hand to discuss their work as we take a guided walk across campus to view the sculptures.                                              
Featuring: Gillian Christy, Scott Cunningham, Peter Dellert, Donna Dodson, Alicia Dwyer, Liz Fletcher, Philip Marshall, Geoff Nelson, Buddy Quinn, Jim Sheehan

Image: Elephant Oracle, 2013, Styrofoam, cement, paint, 8ftx4ftx4ft by Donna Dodson

The Elephant Oracle is the wise old one to whom we turn in times of confusion, doubt and indecision. The Elephant has a memory that never forgets. Perhaps it is a paradox that one who knows so much says so little. Yet, in its presence, we find the courage in ourselves to listen.

Update: Chris Bergeron featured this piece in a glowing art review, 'Sculptors transform bucolic Fruitlands into a contemporary sculpture park' for the Metro West Daily News , June 2, 2013.

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