Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TREE WORK An Arboreal Celebration

May 25 - June 30 2012
Opening Reception, Friday May 25th 5p-8p

Harbor Square Gallery 374 Main St Rockland Maine

I am honored to announce my work has been selected for exhibition at the Harbor Square Gallery in Rockland Maine by the owner, Thomas O'Donovan. This summer, the gallery is presenting "Tree Work: an arboreal celebration." Proceeds from the sale of the work will go towards helping the city of Rockland replace trees in the city. The exhibition will include works in a variety of media celebrating trees and forests- the centerpiece being the oils of Donald Rainville. Participating artists include Harold Garde, Cabot Lyford, Lee Lawson, Ben McGinnis, Imero Gobbato, Eric Hopkins, Joyce Tenneson, Thomas O'Donovan and David Blackwood.
Madam Elephant is the leader of the pack and a matriarch of the family. Head strong and iron-willed, like the tree she came from, yet green- still cutting her teeth. If women could be the president of the United States, their proper title of address would be Madam President. Regally adorned like a Head of State with jewel-like tusks and polished toenails. She decides who to be, a trophy or a hunter.

Image: Madam Elephant, 38" tall, wood, paint by Donna Dodson, Photo credit: Bruno Giust


Anonymous said...

Loved your display at the Boston Convention Center during May 2012 Heart Rhythm Society meeting. Each elephant beautifully done with very distinct personalities. I wanted them all!

Donna Dodson said...

Thank you!

Donna Dodson said...

PS. They are all for sale!