Thursday, July 28, 2011

Strand: Group Exhibition at Boston Sculptors Gallery

Strand. Strands. Stranded.
June 30 – August 14, 2011
First Friday opening: August 5, 2011, 5:30-8:30pm
Twenty-two of the members of the Boston Sculptors Gallery (B. Amore, Lorey Bonante, Gillian Christy, Mac Dewart, Donna Dodson, Rosalyn Driscoll, Sally Fine, Beth Galston, Mags Harries, Sarah Hutt, David Lang, Peter Lipsitt, Michelle Lougee, Eric Sealine, Liz Shepherd, Mary Sherman, Jessica Straus, Marilu Swett, Hannah Verlin, Kitty Wales, Leslie Wilcox and Andy Zimmermann) tackle this notion in the perfect show for the summer – a time when strands conjure up beach fronts and cast aways on desert islands. When escape is on everyone’s mind; and intrigue lurks behind every corner.

Illusions abound, as in Eric Sealine’s work where parallel lines, represented as strings, converge to create an uncanny perception of three-dimensional space; and Beth Galston’s strung black beads appear to slowly transform into a white tangle. The black and white theme continues with Jessica Straus’ piece in which black threads wrapped about white cores nestle like pills in a glass bottle; whereas, in Hannah Verlin’s installation, black is traded for blue texts about the New World that tumble out from more bottles onto the gallery’s floor. The hint of danger becomes more ominous in Rosalyn Driscoll’s Pandora’s Box – a steel frame with a tabletop, punctuated by modernist like rectangles, belying a barely contained bundle of menacing ropes beneath. Leslie Wilcox’s wrapped mesh then conjures up images of mummified cocoons. Sally Fine’s wire skeleton evokes thoughts of an adventurer who never made it back to civilization. And Mary Sherman’s strip of ocean blue enamel lies trapped forever in glass box.

About the Boston Sculptors Gallery
The Boston Sculptors Gallery is a landmark cooperative, a premier venue for sculpture, unusual
in that it exclusively shows sculpture in a large space that is transformed every month by two of the thirty-four members of this group. The gallery has won the acclaim of the Boston Globe art critic, Christine Temin, who listed it in her 1992 “Ten Best in the Visual Arts.” In 1995 Boston Magazine honored the gallery as the “Best Suburban Gallery in Boston.” And, Nick Capasso, Associate Curator of the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park says, it “is among the most stimulating venues for three-dimensional contemporary art in the Northeast.”

Boston Sculptors Gallery • 486 Harrison • Boston 02118
617-482-7781 •
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 12 noon – 6 pm

Image: Crow (Stranded) mixed media 2011 by Donna Dodson


Charley said...

A very exciting photo of the Crow. Off-center on her pedestal with her wings clasped behind her back she looks like she is watching and carefully evaluating. She seems to have no inclination to act on her thoughts, as yet. I am always stimulated emotionally and mentally by your work.

Donna Dodson said...

Thank you, Charley. The crow is waiting at the altar for its partner that has yet to arrive...