Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nashua Sculpture Symposium 2010

The artists, Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein will build a Moose Myth in BiCentennial Park at 66 Main Street during the 2010 Nashua Sculpture Symposium May 16th - June 6th. This 20’ tall sculpture will incorporate Dodson's vocabulary of animal headed mythological figures and Moerlein's technique of sapling construction. This piece will reference the iconic quality of the moose and the mysterious nature of this wild animal. The monumental moose headed figure, striding along the river walk, will be a symbolic landmark. The overall feeling of the piece will be transcendent and magical.

The collaboration between Moerlein and Dodson is born from a love of the wild. Moerlein takes inspiration from events in the natural world that leave visual marks which strike a narrative chord in the artist. Dodson takes inspiration from the mysterious nature of animals that spark her imagination. Together these artists seek to create a piece that will surge up from the earth as if it was a creation of nature.

There will be a reception with the artists on Sunday June 6th at Greeley House on Front Street in Nashua, NH at 2:30p.

Moose Myth drawing by Andy Moerlein, pencil on paper, 2010

Moose Myth

In the beginning,
a grid of all Earth’s possible fragrances
was encoded into a glyph of a Moose etched upon a rock.
Her own breath begat it as beast.

The heady suspense of being alive
pulsed its alertness into the erection of ears.
A percussion of antlers spread wide
to resound the essence of listening.

Sight, the seedbed of thought,
was blocked by the swelling hill of nose
as the Bull inhaled the love of the Planet.

A poem by Charlanne Kallay
In artistic collaboration
With sculptures by Donna Dodson

*Update: The Nashua Telegraph covered this piece in a recent front page article.

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