Friday, March 6, 2009

Provincetown Artist Registry

I was chosen as artist of the month for March by the Provincetown Artist Registry which 'is a directory of artists who have come to this town--some have lived here for years, some only passed through, some came and came back and came back again. Each has added shape, color, texture and spirit to our rich and shifting artistic landscape.' To see my artwork that I have shown with the Provincetown Art Association and Museum over the years, click here. For more information about Provincetown, click here.

Ugly Duckling, 30" tall, polychrome & laminate wood, stone base, 2005
Photo Credit: James Zimmerman


tkcromwell said...

What beautiful work you do!

Jame said...

Congratulations Artist of the Month!

I love the duckling.

Donna Dodson said...

Thank you both, very much!

j. Madison Rink said...


I love your work. It's exquisite!


j. Madison